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January 2007



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Jan. 17th, 2007

playful, childish


I'm really bored the last few days and maybe that's the reason for me to add one more place in the world which I'd like to visit. It's USA (to be precise - Southern Illinois). Kind of strange choice, don't you think? :)

Dec. 19th, 2006


New Addiction.

I'm becoming addicted to Enya. They have such simple, but true and realistic lyrics + deep music. It makes me fly away, really fly away to a better place. Dreamer I am...

I guess people like being addicted to something/someone. It really feels so safe doing that.

Dec. 16th, 2006

pleading, desiring

Am I lucky?

Yuppie! University is over - 3 weeks of doing_nothing.
Well, I have some plans of course, but most of the time... :)

2 days ago I've been talking to Tyoma again. I like it so much - talking to him. I really feel alive, feel that I'm living, the world is a beautiful place and so on. I never told this to any of my friends just because they'd ask, why am I dating Sasha then? That's a question, which can not be answered in 2-3 words. That's just what I feel. I feel I'm doing the right thing and I don't care about the stereotypes.

Omg, I feel like talking about him, talking with him. Nobody wants to hear it, but I can't keep it inside. Today I somehow remembered the way he was looking at me some seconds before kissing. Nobody has ever done that before and won't ever do it again.

I guess, I'm a happy person to have such happy moments in my life. It's just a pity, that moments don't last.. or maybe it isn't?

Dec. 4th, 2006

pleading, desiring

Melt me.

Today's the last day before winter session. So I'm sitting home, staring at my PC and pretending that I'm preparing for tomorrows' French exam...

About my new LJ experience. I'm reading all the communities I'm in and I'm commenting to the posts I have smth to say, but... No results yet. I mean, I want to have friends here and be friended, as well as I want my LJ to become interesting for the users who have the same interests as I do. Any ideas on how I can do that?

I also have some fantasies about making my own community one day.. but now it's really only a fantasy, because I have no resources for that, unfortunately..

I'm a bit bored, I guess.
I want NY to be closer, I need this holiday feeling in my heart. Maybe then it will melt a bit.

Dec. 1st, 2006


5 in 1.

My Scarlett thoughtsCollapse )
playful, childish


Hello Hello!

I guess, my new LJ needs some kind of introduction, huh?
Firstly, why I've chosen this login? The answer is quite simple. I see myself as Scarlett in every single way. I mean, I'm totally like her - which means I find myself able to be different when I need it and want it. If I had that amount of money some free time a photographer, I'd make lots of photos, where I'd show myself as different, sexy, thoughtful, talented as she is.
But.. as I adore Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond (unfortunately, I didn't have the chance to see any other movies with him, but I hope I will!), I added "bond" to the login. Simple as pie :)

I've created this LJ to become honest with myself and others at last, because I feel a bit stupid when writing in my old one... That doesn't mean I won't post there, but I wanna post lots and lots of stuff in this one!

I've already added myself to some communities, so at first I'll spend my time here by posting in my LJ and commenting on the community posts, but I hope to meet new friends and nice, interesting people here too.
Looking forward to meeting you all!

From Scarlett with love.

PS Didn't plan it, but now the 1st post has become a letter :)